Word(s) of the Day: Sweet Dreams vs Terrifying Nightmares

While you read this, you should totally listen to Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics or Beyonce, because those are the songs that have been playing in my head as I think about this post.

I am no psychologist, and I don’t pretend to know what dreams mean, yet, dreams fascinate me. Particularly, my own dreams. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had no issues recalling parts of dreams I’ve had; something, I have come to understand, is not exactly common. I wish I could say this was obviously the beginning of a modern day fantasy novel, but there might be some questions about my sanity.

So, what exactly is the definition of a dream? Or a nightmare?

  • Dreama succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.
  • Nightmarea terrifying dream in which the dreamer experiences feelings of helplessness, extreme anxiety, sorrow, etc.

Apparently, the difference here is the feeling we experience while dreaming – but what if you have a dream where you can obviously feel it’s horrifying, but it’s not a nightmare?

I’m guessing that’s where we delve into different types of dreams, like wet/sex dreams, dreams where you’re chased, etc, etc. Here’s some great info about dreams, as well as a link to a site where apparently you can keep a dream journal! Pretty cool!

Yet, my true question is: why do I remember so easily? Some of these dreams I’ve had, I don’t want to remember, and yet I can recall them incredibly well. It’s come to the point where I’ve neglected my own dream journal. (What’s the point of having a dream journal if you don’t use it? I don’t know.)

What kind of dreams you remember? Do you keep a dream journal? Do you enjoy dreaming?


Twenty-Two Facts About Me

Originally, I had planned to write this and publish it on my birthday, which was Sunday, March 1st. However, I completely forgot – which is why I should probably write down my ideas, write out the post, and schedule it.

Since I’m now twenty-two, though it feels like twenty-one and twenty before that, I have decided to scrounge up twenty-two facts about myself. This is extraordinarily difficult, because I am a boring, boring person.

  1. I am forgetful – this is blatantly obvious when it comes to replying to any form of social media. Maybe you left me a comment on a blog post; maybe you sent me a text message; or you tweeted at me. The problem isn’t YOU, because I don’t hate you, I just… forgot. And by the time I remember, a large amount of time has passed and I feel weird replying to whatever it was you and I were previously discussing. Don’t feel bad!
  2. I am easily distracted – this easily ties into forgetfulness, but it’s true. No, I don’t have ADHD or ADD. There are either things I’d rather be doing OR there was something interesting, like a noise or a flash of light, than what was happening. I don’t enjoy boring things, which is probably why I hate math.
  3. I am a Pisces – “whaaaat? I had no idea! Considering you said you were born MARCH 1ST!” you say sarcastically. I am actually very proud of being a Pisces, because it suits me to a T. Creative, daydreams a lot, caring, yes, these things are me.
  4. I was born 25 days early – that’s right, I was supposed to be an ARIES (no offense to any Aries out there, but I cannot imagine being a ram). Originally, I was to be born on March 26th, but, as my mother likes to say, this was the ‘only time I’ve been early.’
  5. I believe in astrology and all that jazz – don’t hurt me, as smart as I seem, I apparently am not that smart. Why do I believe in astrology? Well, first off, I am a dork and like mysticism. Secondly, it’s very rare that I find something described as a Pisces or a Rooster or the number 8 that doesn’t match up with my personality.
  6. I have an aversion towards the sun – it’s not that I personally, reasonably hate the sun. It’s that my skin hates the sun. I either bathe in sunscreen during the summer, or I don’t go outside. In fact, I’m pretty sure I got a minor sunburn Saturday while outside. In February.
  7. I love animals – if I had my way, I’d probably have a farm. That was a million acres. Just so I could have animals. Domestic ones, exotic ones, but no endangered ones. I cannot have that on my conscious. Though my top three, other than owning dogs and cats, pets I’d love to have are: 1) a Bearded Dragon (the more easily obtainable on this list), 2) a Platypus (please tell me they are not cute), and 3) a Badger (I think it’s because I’m a Hufflepuff).
  8.  Books are my financial downfall – I have issues spending; it’s part of my anxiety. I just start to panic in a store. But when it comes to walking into a bookstore, I don’t panic. I don’t freak out. I just dump entire shelves into my cart. I love books and I have a good twenty or more books I haven’t PICKED UP since I BOUGHT them. I like owning them. I like having the leisure to read them whenever I want. I could have a job that paid me more than $100k a year and probably 99% of it would go towards books alone.
  9. I have Social Anxiety Disorder – I mean, I’m just an anxious person overall, but put me out in public? It’s panic mode. Fortunately, I’ve been taking meds for about a year now, and I’m lot less high-strung than I was.
  10. I am pessimistically optimistic – I am a negative person. That’s just how I think. But… I have this problem where I tend to think negatively about something but at the same time be upbeat and excited about it. I haven’t figured it out to the full extent yet.
  11. I am a proud pansexual – you know that saying that there’s always a gay kid in a group of friends, and if you don’t know who it is, it’s probably you? It has taken me a long time to admit that I was anything other than heterosexual. I finally figured it out a few years ago and I finally realized… I am not solely attracted to men, but I’m also not solely attracted to women. A while back, an extremely close friend of mine realized she was transgender. In an effort to learn more about gender, I stumbled into a world of… well… more than just female and male genders. And upon learning about different genders, I was like “whoa, I’m the type of person who is totally okay being intimate with someone who isn’t strictly cis male or cis female.” Though, I will admit, I have a huge preference for ladies and feminine people.
  12. Music is an integral part of my being – yeah, yeah, most everyone loves music. Music is part of humanity and its culture. Which is probably part of the reason why I love music so much. I couldn’t play or sing anything, but for the most part, lack of music would make my life a lot harder. It also helps that my dad is huge into music, too – I grew up listening to him play music with his band. It’s important to me on an emotional and spiritual level.
  13. I’m a crap storyteller – I love writing. I love reading. I love jotting down ideas and being creative. But for the life of me, I cannot tell a story or a joke. It’s awkward. It’s not as funny as I thought it was. I just don’t understand how to tell a story, especially if it actually happened, to someone without feeling like a massive moron.
  14. I ran over a tree and threw away the evidence – speaking of stories… Once, my dad had a harmonica player in his band. This harmonica player owned a nursery. A NURSERY. With trees and plants and it was his LIVELY HOOD. This harmonica player had two boys, both younger than me, so one of the things they did was ride gocarts around the property. Enter my family; it was a band thing, so family members from all the band members were there. I think my brother, the two boys, and I were the only youngin’s there – any other offspring were older and either stayed home or could drink. So the four of us race around this property and in the back, there’s an area where they were digging stuff up and I think getting ready to expand or something, and there were coniferous saplings lining the edge of this hole. I turned my head around for ONE SECOND, to see where the others were, and BAM. I had driven over a sapling, a nice sized one,and broken it off. I promptly got out, pushed the gocart off the tree, and threw the tree into the pit. Then I drove away and never looked back.
  15.  I am a walking encyclopedia of everything trivial – There are things I don’t even know how I know, but I know it. Like, heeeeey, wanna know where linseed oil comes from? Flax. The answer is flax. Why do I know this? Why is this important? Where did I learn it?
  16. I am an Agnostic Theist – literally a fancy term for saying “I dunno, there could definitely be a god. I don’t see why not.” I think there’s a higher power, but I don’t find it necessary to worship it or to do anything other then wonder about it.
  17. I have a love/hate relationship with the ocean – actually, water in general. Part of it’s probably because my swimming skills are extremely rusty, therefore, I don’t like being in water where I can’t touch the bottom. Natural, right? Anyway, I love the ocean. I love the sea. I love being near it and it literally renews my soul. There’s a deep connection to it, however… it’s also one of the scariest things I have ever been privy to. Space? Kinda scary. Billions of light years across, we don’t know what is out there, but the ocean? Oh, motherf*****, hell no are you getting me to go any deeper than my knees. How can we contemplate going into space when we don’t even know what is in the Mariana’s Trench?
  18. I think space and astronomy are the bee’s knees – seriously, space and stars and planets are super cool! Our universe is so huge, how can I not be impressed by it? We’re a little itty bitty spec in a little itty bitty spec of a galaxy! Wow, it’s overwhelming.
  19. I have irrational feelings about aliens – speaking of space… ALIENS. Something that bothers me, especially from astronomers and astrophysicists and close-minded people, is the idea that there’s no such thing as aliens. BILLIONS OF LIGHT YEARS ACROSS, PEOPLE, HOW CAN THERE NOT BE INTELLIGENT LIFEFORMS OUT THERE? Part of it, for me, is that humans probably need to think of it this way: lifeforms don’t need to have a perfectly Earth-like environment to adapt and grow in. Like, seriously, have we not heard about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? Why couldn’t there be intelligent life on Uranus? Or on Gliese 581 e? We don’t know! We haven’t been there yet.
  20. My favorite food is pizza – I have the mind of a four year old, I know, but it is! Pizza is my weakness. I could eat it forever. Literally forever. Second and third would be Mexican and Italian. I love food. It’s why I’m fat.
  21. I disappeared for a week – this is not a proud moment in my life. My parents, some family members, and at least one friend freaked the fuck out that I was suddenly gone. It wasn’t something I’d do but I did; I disappeared for a week down to California when I was 19, to visit a friend I’d met online. First off, he’s gay, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone. Second off, if there was going to be a murder, it would not be because either of us planned it. Third off, I’m glad I went, because it was actually a nice vacation from a life I didn’t fully realize fucking sucked at the time. Thank you, depression.
  22. I am sarcastic – this is so fucking obvious, if you had to take a quiz on me, and didn’t answer sarcastic on any question, you’d fail. I think it goes with being a pessimist, but I haven’t studied it too much. I also like hyperbole. It’s weird. I’m weird. I have no idea what’s going on anymore.

I’m such an interesting person, I know. In four weeks, there will be a test. Bring your pencils.

Looking For: Prompts

Since I’m an incredibly boring person, I’m looking for anything to talk about – recommend a topic! It can be a non-fiction topic or a fictitious prompt, I don’t care.

News, politics, music, books, games, holiday bashing, history, anything.

Tweet it at me, comment here, or yell at me on facebook. I’m looking forward to what I get told to write about.

Praise for The 100

Let me preface this with: I don’t like sci-fi. I am just not a science fiction kinda gal. I think I have a total of two or three books that are sci-fi and I cannot tell you the last sci-fi movie I watched (I think it was Star Trek: Into Darkness).

What I can tell you is what sci-fi show I watched last: The 100.

Now, seeing a title like that doesn’t really explain much. One hundred what? Balloons? Monkeys? Tanks? Bananas? We just don’t know! It’s a mystery!

So with nothing more than a “YOU SHOULD WATCH THE 100” I dove right in.

And discovered this little gem of a show (can CW shows be called little? I think the biggest show for it is the Vampire Diaries followed by Supernatural and maybe Reign) about one hundred seventeen and under year olds being sent to Earth.


Basically, humans done fucked up, nuked the hell out of Earth, have been circling in a large space station called the ARK for ninety-seven years, and there are problems with the ARK. The government in place decides to take all the prison inmates (which all under the age of 18 because of laws in place) and send them – you guessed it – Earth.

Because what could be better than sending teenagers to a potentially hazardous place? I dunno, maybe have planned better for the future?

So right out of the gate we meet an inmate named Clarke – who is not a Griswold, dismayed as I was to learn – and is actually female. She’s basically a traitor to the state spaceship because of parental ties yadda yadda yadda she’s in prison, she gets sent to Earth.

Now like I said, I don’t do sci-fi. It is not a genre I particularly enjoy. Space is not my cup of tea and I’m good with that.

Two headed deer, however, totally are.

Thaaaaat’s right! Life on Earth, save plants which seem to have not evolved, is starting to change due to the conditions, which really is something, considering there’s supposed to be an ass ton of radiation there. So the first animal we see? A buck with a face growing… out of his face.

And it didn’t look cheesy. You’d think that in 2014, when season 1 first came out, we’d have great special effects, but not so much (there’s so far only one instance where the CGI has been absolute crap, but I won’t tell you where). I’m happy to say that the camerawork and the effects are delightful. In all their weird, gory, radioactive ways. And by that, I mean, it’s not bad, as far as I can tell, but I’m not a film student.

The most impressive part to me, so far, is that the acting is actually really good. There are actors out there that just cannot act their parts, and it’s annoying (cast of Glee) but I feel that the characters are believable; there’s no true good or bad person (except for Murphy, that crappot) in this show, and I think that so far, the only role that’s showing up for anyone is Clarke being the Healer.

I also like the story-line. There’s so far no extraneous multiple story-lines that can’t be solved within one episode (*cough* Supernatural *cough*) and I could actually believe that the people would react how they would in the different situations they have to go through.

So once the 100 reach the Earth, it becomes a matter of survival – I mean, really, what the hell are you gonna do in an unknown place that no one has lived in for the last 97 years? – while the people in the ARK are racing against the clock to survive.

I kind of feel like this is a G-rated sci-fi version of Game of Thrones, but less incest. I’m only on episode 8 of season 1, but maybe I’ll update how I feel once I hit season 2!

Judgy McJudgerson the Judge

To be honest, I wanted to write a series of posts that would appear weekly on your dash about several television shows I really, really, really hate. Then I thought about people who like those shows and how they’d react to someone dissing their favorite characters and the situations they have to go through. How would they judge me? (There goes one of my New Years resolutions…)

Isn’t it interesting? The whole judging thing?

We’re always told not to judge a book by its cover; Christians (I don’t know about other religions, if someone could give me any information about this, that would be fantastic) are taught that the only being who can judge a person is God themself. So why don’t we try to live like this? Why do we constantly judge people around us?

I’ve caught myself so many times judging another person, that automatically, I now tell myself, “Hey, it’s their decision, I am not in their shoes.” Afterwards, I feel kinda bad. Even if it is something that might be natural or innate to do.

But what is it that causes us to judge another person? A lack of self-confidence? Second-hand embarrassment? An evil personality trait inherited from our great-great-great-great cousin twice removed on our maternal grandmother’s great aunt’s side of the family?

So how do you react when you catch yourself judging someone else? What causes it? How do you feel afterwards?

2015 New Years Resolutions

I don’t normally give a flying rat’s ass about my New Years resolutions; it’s not something I’m interested in – usually. But to be honest, a lot has changed over the past year. I’m a little more interested in making some and attempting to keep them than not making any for this coming year.

So here’s a list, which I may or may not keep (hopefully I will; root for me, I need all the support I can get):

  1. Write – at least a paragraph, hopefully more. Keep those gears oiled.
  2. Read as much as possible; read new genres and new books – seriously, new books. You can do it, self, you can read new books. They cannot hurt you; it’s exciting to read something new.
  3. Continue Feathered – even if you don’t publish it, you can at least finish it. Prepare for NaNoWriMo.
  4. Be a lot more diligent about my health. This could mean losing weight, eating better, going to the doctor. For real, self, this is as good a year as any to be healthy. Doooooo iiiiiit.
  5. Forget about what other people think. If I want to dye my hair bright pink, I’m gonna damn well do it.
  6. As I’ve said before, continue to update this blog. I’m not letting its third year disappear with less than ten posts.

That’s literally all I can think of at the moment. As the night progresses, I fear I’m getting more sleepy. My brain is slowly shutting down – I’m sorry there’s not two thousand and fifteen resolutions for you to read!

Lies We Have Told You

Have you ever held a conversation with someone and mentioned “Oregon” or maybe “Pacific Northwest” and there’s always that reply “The place the rains all the time?” It’s just like… common knowledge that Oregon and Washington are literally wet all the time, and dreary, and overcast, with way too many trees.

This is a lie. Yes, even the trees.

I cannot stress this enough. Yes, there’s a large amount of rainfall in the Willamette valley, all the way up to Seattle, and beyond. No, that is not the only weather we get. Let me explain:

On the coast, it’s usually a steady temperature of ~60 degrees and it’s overcast. As you go further down the coast, temperatures rise (duh) and it’s quite pleasant. Do you know how many times I’ve been to the beach? Hundreds of times. Hundreds. The amount of rain I’ve seen? Maybe a handful of times. It’s literally either windy and overcast or windy and sunny. The coastal area can get snow, tsunamis, etc, etc, etc, etc. But it doesn’t rain all the time there.

In the Willamette valley, it rains. It does. When? In the fall, winter, and spring. Literally, that’s when most of the precipitation falls. In the summer, it’s humid as all get out, and there’s at least 50% less rain there. The valley is what you hear about when it comes to rain. The Columbia River gorge is similar. However, there’s not this rain cloud that just settles over atop of the area between the Cascades and the Coastal ranges, okay.

The real kicker, to completely blow you away, is the fact that there are not one, but two regions of Oregon that are dry, dusty, barren, and rocky. First, we have Central Oregon. Central Oregon is located in the northwestern most part of the Great Basin. I currently live in the middle of a desert. Yes, that’s right, a desert. Technically, a high desert, which means we have dry, hot summers, and cold winters – there’s typically at least one snowfall a year here. The only trees naturally growing we have here are juniper trees, a sparse, ugly tree. Then there’s Eastern Oregon. Literally, it’s a continuation of Central Oregon, but it gets drier and more barren. All of this is due to the rain shadow of the Cascades.

Please remember that Oregon and Washington, I’m sure, though I know zero about Washington is actually a very diverse place in terms of climate. There are areas that get less than 5 inches of rainfall a year, while others get a good 20 inches or more. We do see the sun! We know what it looks like! We curse the clouds until they go away! Unless they are thunderstorms, then we hope that wildfires are not started, especially in the desert regions!