The Gator, the Duck, and the Pebble

I started writing this before NaNoWriMo 2014, and I just went back to it, to look it over. I thought I’d share what I had with you! Please enjoy my first – and only – attempt at the ‘hardboiled’ genre.

Blowing on the steaming hot cup of Oolong tea, P.I. Gator wandered into his office. Despite the fact that he had been out all night, tailing the Mayor’s granddaughter, Gator still arrived promptly at seven am. Sitting in his big, comfy chair, he closed his eyes for a moment, hoping today would be easy.
                Letting out a sigh, he looked at his memos: there was something about a paper shortage, that the coffee machine was broken and… a new case. Gator kicked his desk; what were the higher ups thinking? He had more than enough on his plate already, why were they giving him more work?
                He dialed Sharon’s number, tapping his fingers angrily against the wooden surface of his desk. Sharon would most likely know why they’d given him this case – after all, Sharon Pachy was a wonderful asset in the personal assistant department as well as amateurish investigating skills. There was a click on the other end and before Sharon said anything, Gator demanded, “Why do I have another case? I’m already working on the Mayor’s case, which is hard enough as is; I’ve also got a stolen painting to locate as well as a cheating husband. What’s the big idea, eh? Don’t they know I’m –“
                “Sir, they gave you that case because they felt you’d do it quickly. In fact, the lady in your new cast just arrived. I’m sending her in now,” Sharon stated briskly. There was a click, and Gator dropped his head on his desk. Not how he envisioned how his morning was going to go.
                The door opened and there was a soft shuffling, before the door clicked shut. Stillness; Gator lifted his head and found himself looking at a fashionably dressed woman, nervously clutching her purse. She turned towards him and blinked, before asking, “Mister Al E. Gator? I’m Delilah Mallard. I need your help.”
                “I assume that’s why you’re in my office. Please sit and tell me why you’re here,” Gator snapped, rubbing his brow. Of all the broads that could’ve walked into this office, it had to be a Mallard. You’d never suspect it, but the Mallards’ were actually the top mob bosses in this city. There was something about a duck holding anything remotely dangerous that was quite unnerving. Also, getting hit by those wings hurt a lot.
                Ms. Mallard fluttered up, and made herself comfortable before speaking again. “I can’t go to the cops and I definitely cannot go to my family; if they knew, they’d kill me. Quite possibly literally,” she paused, squeezed her purse strap, then continued on, “I’m engaged to Stan ‘Big Stone’ Rockhopper; I’m sure you’ve heard of him.” Gator nodded; of course he had. Big Stone was the heir to a vast crime ring encircling the western hemisphere. It would only make sense for the Mallards and Rockhoppers to make an alliance, albeit a dangerous one.
                “So where do I come in? Am I looking for a mistress, are you in love with someone else? What’s this gotta do with me?” leaning back in his chair, Gator took a sip of his now cooled tea.
                Delilah laughed, “Oh heaven’s no! I couldn’t care less if he had a mistress; most of the men in the mob do. And I wouldn’t dare risk my life for some other man, are you crazy? No, I lost something and I need help finding it.”
                Gator leapt up, furious, “What do you mean you lost something? Do you know how busy I am?! I am not a… a… FINDER! I am an investigator and I have more important things to do than help some doe find a rock!”

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