New and Improved!

I’ve remodeled my theme, and I think it looks quite nice. Plus, there is a beautiful header gif of Joe Walker from Starkid Productions as Mama Umbridge with a photoshopped mustache. I am quite proud of how lovely everything looks!

So, today, I proceeded to go outside without any sunscreen on. This was a bad idea. Now my arms are burnt, my face is burnt, and my neck around the collar of my shirt is burnt. Oops… I didn’t mean to do that… I’m also covered in dirt. What a wonderful feelings, especially running my hand through my hair… Ugh. I hate dust, but if it means helping finish this stupid rock retaining wall, I have no choice.

And I’m pretty sure we stole a boulder from our neighbors. My father says it was on our property, but it was pretty close to their driveway. Like, right on top of it. Can you see how this may make one feel uneasy? I can. But they’re usually not home so I don’t think they noticed the giant ass red tractor making off  with a large rock driven by a blonde in a pink shirt. Or at least they don’t care enough about the rock.

I’m exhausted and in need of a shower. Yippee. I can’t wait to see what the summer holds for projects around the house…

Also, wish me luck! Thursday I go to the UPS building out here to tour the facilities in hopes for a job! Ah, I’m nervous, but also excited. It’s only part-time, but hey, it works!


2 thoughts on “New and Improved!

  1. Long time no see! How are you?? Well, besides being sunburned that is. I’m really liking this new look, not to mention the header gif. And forgive my ignorance, but what’s a rock retaining wall? Is that like a rock climbing wall? (I may have just given away how uninformed I am but hey, when in doubt, ask right?)

    Have fun on that UPS tour and good luck on snagging that job! 😉

    • It has been a VERY long time! I’m pretty good, considering all that’s happened in the span of five months. And what about you? How’s everything going for you? 🙂
      What can I say – I’ve got a thing for pink. And a rock retaining wall is just a wall that holds everything together! Haha, okay, it really is to hold things in, like currently, our yard is sloping downhill, so by building this wall, we’re helping level out the yard as well as keep it from sliding down any further. Don’t worry, at least you asked; I’m just not good at explaining things.

      Thank you! I’m going to need it – while I feel good about getting it, I’m a little nervous!

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