Equality Shmequality

equality 1equality 2

These are two of my favorite GIFs – because they’re true. This kid hit our world dead on while describing something that we like to pretend we have. Like, just the whole idea of equality as it is right now is frickin’ silly. Lemme run it down for you using myself as an example:

  • I am a woman. I am not equal.
  • Because of my sexuality, I am not equal.
  • But I am white. I have more privileges than other people.
  • I identify as a CIS female. I have more privileges than other people.

WTF, everybody? How is that cool? How is that okay? Because I’ve got a vagina AT ALL, men are still assholes. Because I consider myself pansexual, to put a label on it, I’m out in the dark. But I’m white, so it’s all good, right? I was BORN female. Everything’s just wonderful!


It shouldn’t matter what the color of your skin is, you’re my equal because you’re a human being. It doesn’t matter if you prefer one genitalia over another or if you couldn’t care less about sex, you’re my equal. You were born a man/woman but are really a woman/man and you’re working towards fully becoming who you were meant to be? Ignore the people who shy away from you, who tell you you’re messed up; come sit next to me and talk to me about your favorite books or music or games. I don’t care if you’re trans, I’m just happy you’re finding yourself, so let’s be friends.

And guys, guess what. Just because I have a vagina instead of a penis doesn’t mean you get to walk all over me. I don’t know why I’m here yet, but I do know that I’m not here for your sexual entertainment. I’m not here to take care of you. I will not baby you and I will not bend over backwards to please you. So stop acting like that’s all women are good for.

What I’m trying to say is: YOU (yes you, reader) are my equal. I am YOUR equal. We’re human, so why do we protest this fact so much?


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