World War Z – The Movie

First off, I gotta say, I saw the tweet about the dashboard, but I didn’t fully expect it to look like this. It’s nice.

Second, this will be the first in two posts. I’m currently waiting for the book. Any subsequent posts would probably deal with zombies as a whole or something. But don’t count on it.

Wow, so, World War Z. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, it’s been one of the biggest, and probably “most controversial” films coming out this year. I say biggest because I’m pretty sure that so far, it’s got one of the largest budgets of 2013. I’m sure we’ll see some that surpass $200 million. But it’s also big, and this is where the “controversial” comes in, because it’s based off a book. A book that is supposed to have been very, very, very hard to translate into a movie because of how it’s written.

Not to throw any spoilers, but from what little I know about this mysterious book (my dad has it, okay, he’s half-way through it), it’s written as interviews from different people. And I also know that it doesn’t follow the story very well — probably because it’s written as different interviews from around the world. Sometimes, though, you gotta push through and do it anyway. I can name several successful books to movies and some not so successful, but that’d be for another post in and of itself.

Onto the movie!

WWZ Tweet 1

I know, I know, I’m sharing something I tweeted, how conceited can I get? But I think it also serves to point out some majors things: I think Brad Pitt is an okay actor, and I don’t see the appeal; and both zombies/horror fall under the “NO THANKS’ category. I hadn’t watched Zombieland until a few years ago – after I graduated high school. I stopped watching less than ten minutes into the Walking Dead because I am not one for the zombie genre at all (I have seen other episodes and I’m planning on watching from the beginning).

I, as the person I am, do not like this media. I’m just not one for it. So why did I see World War Z? I’ll tell you why: because I wanted to. It looked interesting and I decided that I’d just watch it. It also has Mireille Enos in it, our favorite leading lady from the Killing. The best part, too, is that I was sitting by myself. No one wanted to sit in the front of the theater, I haven’t a clue as to why.

So I walked into the theater expecting a lot of gore, a lot of jumping because BOOM, there’s one of those fucking zombies RIGHT THERE NOW, and a lot of “It’s not real, it’ll be okay.” I walked out feeling emotionally drained because I wanted more. I’m not sure what more they could’ve added, but I was disappointed it was only two hours. Only!

I mean, yeah, there’s some mushy stuff with Brad Pitt’s family and him saving an Israeli soldier, but I wanted to know more about the zombies. I wanted to know more about how the zombies came about, how civilization dealt with the zombies after the “cure” was released, and literally everything. I guess they could do a prequel and a sequel or something, but I don’t think it’d do any good.

The effects were awesome, the story-line was something we’d seen before, I’m pretty sure the acting was fine, and the zombies were pretty cool. Cool as in “I would not wish to have those type of zombies about in case of a zombie apocalypse.” Look, just because I don’t study them doesn’t mean I can’t say I’m pretty sure that if they make any noises other than the low, grumbly “hrrungh” noise, they’re not a good type of zombie — and neither is any that only shambles when it’s “dormant.” No, I wouldn’t want to be in a zombie apocalypse. No, I wouldn’t want to have to infect myself with deadly diseases so I could survive. But I’ll gladly watch World War Z again, even if it technically sucks. Even though the story-line is supposed to be far off from the book itself. I, surprisingly, liked it.

I loved the zombie make-up. I liked how as they reanimated, their teeth changed to better allow for some of the noises they made and “You’re gonna be infected *chomps*”;  I give props to the make-up artist, you did a fantastic job. It was scary without it clearly having to be rotten.

The story-line. Oh, the story-line. I’m pretty sure there’s another Brad Pitt film out there somewhere with the same basis — man has family, something happens to world, family put in danger, family almost separated (plot twist! they aren’t this time! THIS IS HUGE, EVERYONE CAPITALIZE ON THIS IDEA NOW), family and man arrive in safe place, man blackmailed into doing something, man goes on world saving adventure, man saves world, happy reunion. And of course, we were hoping the family would be reunited, otherwise, what kind of people would we be? But it’s just overdone. Sometimes, I’d like to see the family get eaten, as horrible as that is. Not this time, though, because Mireille Enos. No one gets to beat her up. No one.

I have no basis for acting. There’s just good acting and then there’s “Well, that guy sucked” acting. So this was good acting.

So, after a long, boring ramble, here’s what I’m saying: see it, even if it’s just to see it. I think it’s a nice change from any of those other silly, pop-out, gore filled movies where everybody is violently torn apart because human flesh is best flesh. I think we could see more films similar to World War Z, if a little less cheesy, and a little more origin filled but that’s just me.


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