Word(s) of the Day: Are They Truly Synonyms?

I read a book recently, called the Secret. It’s a self-help book, and for me, it’s helped. But as I was reading, my mind formulated the thought, with help from the book and probably several other things, “Are the words rich and wealth really synonymous? Do they mean the same thing?”

  • Rich: having wealth or great possessions; abundantly supplied with resources, means, or funds; wealthy; abounding in natural resources; having wealth or valuable resources
  • Wealth: having great wealth; rich; affluent: a wealthy person; a wealthy nation; characterized by, pertaining to, or suggestive of wealth

Honestly, with a textbook definition like that, they are. They are clearly synonyms. Yet I can’t help but feel that the only thing these two words have in common is the “abundance” factor. Maybe I’m being weird here, but I think wealth isn’t just about money. I think it encompasses love, knowledge, money, and all that jazz. It’s about life. You don’t have to have just money to feel wealthy. Rich on the other hand .. while people say “rich in this or that”, I believe rich is just a term for having a ton of money.

I could be the only one who has this train of thought, but I wanted to share that today.


2 thoughts on “Word(s) of the Day: Are They Truly Synonyms?

  1. That’s really interesting. I actually tend to see it the other way around. You can be rich in knowledge, love, humanity (cheesy, I know) but wealth feels more like it’s about money. Other than the words being switched around, I basically am thinking the same things you are. On an unrelated note, I’ve heard good things about that book! Didn’t know it was a self-help book but it sounds like it was good food for thought. 🙂

    • Sorry for the late reply, had a few distractions since then and now. :\

      Haha, as long as I got my point across that rich and wealth don’t really feel the same, that’s all the matters to me. I do think it’s interesting, though, that these words, that basically mean the same thing, have the same definition (in a sense), but depending on the person, there’s completely different connotations behind it. To each their own! 🙂
      And I think it is — I’m not in the habit of reading many self-help books… Though maybe I should. Even if it’s just to get more knowledge about them.

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