Black Mamba of the Sea

In the southern hemisphere, there is a continent. This continent is cold, snowy, windy, and mostly populated by flightless birds and sea life. But there’s something else lurking in the Southern Ocean. Something… evil. Something… scary. A thing so despicable, we should all know about it and use it as a tool to keep our children in check. I’m going to post a photo of this creature, just so you’re warned! You cannot and may not hold me responsible for any following nightmares that occur after you look at this.


“But wait!” you may say, “It’s so cute! I could just hug it!”

No. No. Do you understand me? No. This thing not only has some vicious teeth, as you’ll see below, but it doesn’t even look like a seal. It looks like a hairy, short-snout version of a Kronosaurus. They are loners (unusual for seals) and like to eat penguins. No, penguins are not my only issue with this beastie.

Sup grrl

I just want to bring to your attention that there is a seal out there that will go out of its way to attack you. And that Orcas are the only animals that will eat them. Oh, and since they’re seals, they descended from the superfamily, Pinnipedia, which evolved from bear-like creatures. BEARS. When you see a seal or related animal, you are literally looking at a sea bear.

These things actually really do make me uncomfortable but I like talking about them. I mean, c’mon, why wouldn’t you go around saying “THERE IS A HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE SEAL LIVING IN ANTARCTICA.”? The more random facts I can spread around in this world about things, the better I feel.

Now here’s random pictures of baby seals.

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4 thoughts on “Black Mamba of the Sea

    • The evil ones! And I really wanted to showcase the vicious teeth of a leopard seal. Needless to say, I was highly uncomfortable browsing Google for those pictures…

      And that’s what I’m here for! I don’t even know why you’d want to go, other than research purposes, but at least now you are informed! 🙂 At least, just don’t make a habit of going near the water alone when you’re there. (That should be common sense, right? Buddy system, people!)

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