Hello, Beautiful… Sunshine

I kinda skipped last week, but not really on purpose. I was gonna bore you all with my expansive knowledge of Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis. But we will save that for another time!

What I’d like to talk about, is the continuation of my exaltation of spring. I’ve always loved spring; the flowers in bloom, the grass is green again, and you don’t have to wear jackets or socks or shoes or sweaters or pants! Meaning you can replace those previously mentioned clothing articles with other ones. Please don’t go around without pants. Please.

But when I think about it, previous springs have just been short-lived happiness for me. I’ve had a lot of emotional issues in the past (which I hate to admit), and it has really crippled me. I don’t even know where these traumas came from; I think I just got bad luck in this case.

NO MORE, I say! No more feeling bad! No more seeing the glass half empty and wondering what I did to deserve this. I am embracing the full spirit of spring and renewing myself. I’ve decided that I am going to start being more positive and instead of allowing my bad feelings to swallow me whole.

It may sound silly or random, but I’m proud of my decision. It’s been a tough twenty-four hours, but I’m gonna do it. I’m on the way to being a bright ray of sunshine for myself and for others! (More than I already am.)


2 thoughts on “Hello, Beautiful… Sunshine

  1. The sun here has been a big tease so far this month, shining for about half a day and then going back into hibernation for a week. But in any case, I’m glad you’re seeing the bright side of things! (pun intended…. wait, that was a pun right?) I totally agree that being positive is really a conscious decision and that’s nothing to feel silly about! When I was younger, I used to think it was morbidly romantic to be pessimistic (I’m embarrassed even to admit this in writing). Now, I know it feels way better to be positive and I liked myself better once I figured that out.

    • That darn sun… I don’t think there’s anything that’s more of tease than the sun during the early parts of spring! And I think it is, in deed, a pun! And I appreciate it! 😉 I didn’t so much think being a pessimist was romantic, I just was a pessimist and attracted negative emotions to me. I agree BIG time that I like myself a lot better now that I’m trying to be positive.

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