April showers bring May flowers!

It’s already the fourth month of 2013. I considered participating in April Fool’s day, but I decided not to. It was going to be something like “I’m shutting down my blog, my twitter, getting rid of my phone, and moving into the woods to become one with nature” type of thing.

But seriously, can you believe it’s April?! I’m excited! It’s that time of year when you get ready to say “April 21st, because it’s not too hot but not too cold.”

Really, I love springtime. Even though I prefer staying locked inside my room and away from the sunlight, I love flowers. I love the weather, most of the time. Some days can be a little too warm, and since I live in a high desert, there’s a chance of snow until about June. I’m looking forward to sunshine, though, so let’s hope the snow is gone for the next six to seven months.


2 thoughts on “It’s APRIL!

  1. Snow until June?? Wow, where do you live?? (don’t answer that if you’re not inclined, I’m not asking for a serious answer unless you want to give one 😀 ) But I agree, I’m really excited that it’s April. Makes me feel like warmer weather will be here soon (although that doesn’t seem likely at the moment, given the rain and gloom I’ve been seeing in my neck of the woods).

    • I live in Central Oregon, one of Oregon’s very unique climates. 🙂 It’s a high desert, so it’s dry and hot in the summer, and dry with snow in the winter. This year, it’s been rather dry.

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