I Can Hear Them Singing…

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve just been busy and you know how that goes, right? But here’s a little something I whipped up just for the readers still sticking around! I’ve rehashed the title somehow and put it below — or maybe I didn’t. Read and find out! (I had to tie it in somehow. Don’t give me that look.)

Day 20th of the month of Trafts, year 261

Dear Diary,

Today was boring. Brother had his Svolertolg today for the Warrior’s Guild. Yawn! The Warrior’s initiation is just fighting some big beast they caught out in the forest. Brother’s beast was, like every other initiates, a bear. I don’t see how that’s entertaining or a trial at all. I mean, anybody can fight a bear bare-handed. I could, I know it. But it’s not the Warrior’s Guild I’m interested in.

I want to join the Mage’s Guild. Papa says if I join the Mage’s Guild, he will disown me. I hope he’s joking. I want my family’s support in the decision I’ve made, but if they can’t support me being a so-called spellflinger, then I’ll do it on my own. 

I just want to be a mage so badly. I can hear it, the people singing my name in praise. It’s very rare for people to be accepted into the Mage’s Guild, and those that do… well, they’re some of the most powerful and most important people in history. But no one trusts them. So there’s been a few times where a mage has gone completely off the deep end and mass murdered a bunch of people, it happens! But I aim to change that. I want to do good with my magic. When I told this to Mama, she asked why I didn’t join the Medic’s Guild? Well, as a medic, all I do is heal people. That’s boring. As a mage, I can choose to fight or to heal and depending on what I study, I can even summon things to do my work for me. Why don’t more people want to become a mage?

So I can’t wait till next year, when I have my Svolertolg. I’ve heard the rumors of what awaits me behind the doors of the Mage’s Guild hall, but considering they’re such a secretive bunch, the mages, I’m not totally sure what will be happening. But I’ve been practicing my magic and I’m preparing myself. I hope I make it in.

Oh, yeah, Brother totally beat that bear. He’s an official member of the Warrior’s Guild. Next, he has to choose what profession he’s going to go into. Papa said he better be a berserker. Mama said she hopes he becomes a noble guardian, since that fits his personality best. I told him he should wash that stubble he calls a beard; it was covered in blood and spittle and looked gross. He pinched me in return for that. I think I have a bruise…


2 thoughts on “I Can Hear Them Singing…

  1. Glad you’re back (temporarily at least), I missed you! Real life does rather take a toll, doesn’t it? I’m not overly familiar with the fantasy/science fiction genre but at the very least, I got a good idea of what the setting of this piece looks like. The Mage’s Guild would be my choice, just sayin’. 😉

    • Aw, thank you! I’m hoping real life decides to, like, cool down or something, you know? I’d like to surf along for a bit.
      Okay, I’m done trying to be a surfer. It’s not working.
      Haha, I’m not even sure myself where it’s set. All I could picture was some northern country with viking-esque characters. I’m still deciding if this is something I’d like to pursue or not! But I have a general idea of where I’d like to go with it if I do.

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