So I Turned 20 Yesterday…

Yep. Yesterday was my birthday, and I was prepared with this list of 20 things I’ve learned over my life span. Then I trashed it because it was a “stupid idea” that “needs some work.”

So far, I’ve had a birthday weekend. Yesterday, I arrived via bus in Portland and today I got a free pedicure (only my second one, too!), a free lunch, and a free tattoo. Tomorrow, I get free breakfast!

Yes’m, I got a tattoo. Something I thought would take me years to do, because I’m so picky about what I want. There is now a little black anchor on my ankle, to “keep me grounded.” It’s placed perfectly and I love it.

Don’t worry, I’m not expecting any belated happy birthdays, and if there are a few, thank you so much! You, dear readers, have helped me more than you know!


One thought on “So I Turned 20 Yesterday…

  1. Damn it, I’m late, but happy belated birthday all the same! You’re now in the 20s club so congratulations! I remember my teen years being really tough in places but now that I’m in my 20s (yikes, only 2 years away from being in my mid-20s), I’m liking my lot in life much better. šŸ™‚

    I don’t think I have the courage for a tattoo (plus I think my dad would have a stroke if I got one) but I did get a second piercing in my ears for my 20th birthday if that counts for anything. Here’s to hoping you have an awesome year ahead of you!

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