Today is Valentine’s Day and I Am Like Godzilla in Tokyo

I won’t lie, I hate this holiday. It’s all mushy and romantic and pink and I’ve never had a date which makes me sad. Any potential Valentines’ I’ve had in the past have ended before the month of February. So yeah, I’m a little bitter.

This year, I just kinda gave up. All I have is a crush, whereas last year, I held out that the guy I’d been flirting with for months before he dropped off my radar would magically appear, beg my forgiveness for being a douchebag, and ask me to be his Valentine. The year previously, I think I got hugs from all my friends. And in 2010? I sent my two best friends boxes of Valentine’s Day crap, I was so excited. I didn’t even get a hug from my mother today. She just said “Oh, happy Valentine’s Day, Karyn” like she just remembered.

If I could, I would totally ban this holiday. I’m sorry, lovers, but you get not only anniversaries (who remembers the girls from high school who celebrated week and then monthly anniversaries? Cause I do!) but you’re also getting a full on, romance filled card holiday. Where’s the singles’ holiday? Our only, current, anniversary is the day we were born. I love love, I do, but I don’t want to see it celebrated with clichéd flowers (red roses), candy that should be reserved for sad occasions only (chocolate)*, and someone tell me what the hell is with the stuffed animals. Do you really think anyone above the age of ten wants a stuffed animal?**

Why do we need a special, certain day to profess our love for everyone? Riddle me that, lovers! Tell me why you can only be romantic on today of all days!

Maybe next year I won’t be so grumpy. It’d probably help if  I would eat during the day to control my temper. But I still don’t want to give into this crap. I was even proud of myself that I hadn’t worn any pink or red today until I remembered my underwear is pink.

*Chocolate can be eaten any time, even if you’re just a little bit sad because the sun is cloudy. For some reason, it just tastes better when you’re sad.

**I still have several stuffed animals.


2 thoughts on “Today is Valentine’s Day and I Am Like Godzilla in Tokyo

  1. If it makes you feel better, I also have yet to have a date on Valentine’s Day… sad, but true. I don’t have issues with people celebrating V-Day but it’s the people who constantly find a need to share how they’re spending it with their honeypie (now via things like FB and Instagram, oh joy!) that really gets on my nerves. Luckily, V-Day was in the middle of Chinese New Year this year so I spent the day with family, only realizing it was V-Day when I checked FB. Here’s to being single and eating as much chocolate as we want! 🙂

    • Facebook and Instagram: just more ways to make you feel bad about being single…
      That’s awesome! I’d have loved to completely forget it was Valentine’s Day.
      And happy new year! 😀

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