Some Plans Just Don’t Happen

Ya know, sometimes, I get these great ideas for posts in my head. I want to do a ton of research, write  an essay, add a bibliography, and make something awesome…

But something always comes up.

I really wanted to write a post about the history of Christmas; I had the timeline planned out, I was ready to research, I was ready to spend a few hours on this project and learn a few new things about Christmas. And then I got sick. It was as if my immune system punched me in the gut. I barely finished my mom’s Christmas present this year, all because of a horrible little cold. I’m still sick, though I’m getting better. The worst part is the coughing and the mucus build up when trying to sleep. Don’t you just hate that?

Still, I just wanted to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas!  Have a wonderful rest of the year!


2 thoughts on “Some Plans Just Don’t Happen

  1. Aww man, I’m sorry you got sick over the holiday! But things happen and we just gotta deal, you know? I also had a bunch of posts planned but time ran away from me and then I just wasn’t feeling them anymore. In any case, hope you feel better soon and stay warm!

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