How to Deal With Large Sums of Money

Last week, a family was very, very, very lucky. They managed to win the 550 million dollar pot (a 293 million dollar lump sum), so congratulations to them!

You know, a very good question came up last week, when my friends and I were discussing the lotto pot, since it was over a half billion dollars. Someone asked:

“What would you do with that much money?”

Kura (previously mentioned as my current guild leader in that nerdy game, World of Warcraft), replied with “That’s easy, I’d travel around the United States in an RV, visiting guildies! Then I’d start building my own home <with lots of things I don’t remember> and live there with Eric <commence weird, annoying cooing noises only a couple in love could make>.”

Make no mistake, I fully expect one day to see a RV pull into my driveway at some point and Kura stepping out. I don’t know how I’d deal with that, considering there’s only one person I’ve met in real life from the game, and that was Furry (see this poem) and that was a trip of a lifetime. At least, for me, because I’m shy, quiet, and generally prefer locking myself in my house. 

But it got me thinking: what would I do with that amount of money? I know several people, including Kura and my parents, said “DONATE TO CHARITY!”, which I totally understand. But… all that came to mind was the word “college”. I know how I’d spend a small percentage of that money and that would be the following:

  • Finish college; obtain degree in English
  • Become national best-selling author
  • Put money into savings’ account
  • Don’t touch said savings’ account until own children are going to college
  • Become parent(s) to Nobel Prize winning children

I know, I know, it sounds weird, but after coming from a single income household, where my dad makes enough money that it doesn’t quite warrant getting enough money from scholarships, you can see my logic. My father also thought it was a wonderful idea to spend some of the college tuition on a flat screen television. The italicized steps may or may not be perks of winning the lottery.

The rest of the money? Obviously give into the IRS and pay my taxes. Buy a new, eco-friendly, working car. Key word, working. Find a nice bit of property, purchase it, become a farmer. Yes. I wish to become an organic farmer. I will grow my own food and raise my own meat, it is a done deal.

Future husband, I hope you read this one day and realize how smart I am.

Alas, it is a dream that one day I’d win the lottery so that I can buy a car that has a heater.


4 thoughts on “How to Deal With Large Sums of Money

  1. Ah yes, putting in the money towards your college education is definitely a good idea, at the rate tuition is rocketing upwards.
    I’d totally use the money on traveling around the world, despite my distaste for airplanes. The rest will definitely go into savings for my retirement fund. Is it too early to start thinking about that? Maybe I should save some for my future family too……

  2. Makes sense! I’d help my family, give to charity…then buy a house here and in PR and maybe rent a plane… And a really NICE car. 😉
    Haha, a car with a heater sounds like a very sensible thing to want. 😉

    • Ooh, two houses, huh? Big shot, aren’t ya! 😉 Kidding!
      I think people really underestimate having a good, working car. It’s something we take for granted! Then again, I don’t think most people drive around in 30 degree weather without a heater…

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