Some Plans Just Don’t Happen

Ya know, sometimes, I get these great ideas for posts in my head. I want to do a ton of research, write  an essay, add a bibliography, and make something awesome…

But something always comes up.

I really wanted to write a post about the history of Christmas; I had the timeline planned out, I was ready to research, I was ready to spend a few hours on this project and learn a few new things about Christmas. And then I got sick. It was as if my immune system punched me in the gut. I barely finished my mom’s Christmas present this year, all because of a horrible little cold. I’m still sick, though I’m getting better. The worst part is the coughing and the mucus build up when trying to sleep. Don’t you just hate that?

Still, I just wanted to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas!  Have a wonderful rest of the year!


Beauty of the Snow – A Poem

Here’s a winter poem for all you lovely readers!

Flawless beauty,

Frozen in time,

Harsh and white,

Sparkles in the sun.


Dangerous beauty,

Sharp and clear,

Muddled and opaque,

Formed from water.


Quiet beauty,

Soft and lazy,

Swift and bleak,

Thrashed together by the wind.


Shimmering beauty,

Ice and snow,

Individuality plays a part,

During the long cold winter.

Happy winter, all!

Movie Etiquette

I love going to the movies, when I have the money. It’s fun and it actually gets me to sit (sort of) still for an hour and a half. But you know, we’re in the year 2012, we have cell phones and for some reason, a “I have to text at all times” sort of mentality. And it’s annoying.

Or when people talk during the movie. It’s fine during the previews; I’ll lean over and whisper who I’m with about the movie trailer that just played if it’s something I’d like to see. But during the movie? Ugh!

Just the other day, I went and saw the Life of Pi (which is super good, this is the second time I’ve seen it), and I saw these two women talking about something outside the theater. Not quite sure what they were yapping about, but something in my head said “Hmm, sucks for whoever sits near them in whatever movie they’re going into.” I enter the theater that’s showing Life of Pi and I look around to gauge a place to sit. I dislike sitting in the front (too many premieres where I’m screwed and have to sit with my neck craned up), so I choose the very back. No one’s sitting there, no one in front of where I sit, no one around me, no issues.

And then I hear them. I’d just taken my seat, and look over to see… Betty and Betsy are talking, loudly, and walking up to where I’m sitting.

Well that’s fine, I’m sure that they’ll be quiet through the movie and they’re not going to sit directly next to me. Maybe two or three seats, right?


Betty and Betsy walk past me and sit right. Next. To. Me. Excuse me? We are not in a packed theater, we don’t know each other, I need some space. But I don’t move, because there’s one seat between us. I’m safe. They’re not doing any harm, they’re just here to see a movie. I’m slightly irritated that they had to sit right next to me, but that’s fine, I can cope.

And then the movie starts. I sit back, ready to enjoy a fantastic movie, ready for some silence on their part.

Did that happen? No. No, it did not. They sat there and whispered to one another throughout the entire movie, while either laughing or squealing in terror. Yes, there’s some stuff in Life of Pi that’s sad, such as the zebra being killed by the hyena. This does not mean you have to go “NO, YOU HORRIBLE MONSTER, HOW DARE YOU KILL THAT POOR ZEBRA. /cry” and then later on call the hyena names until it’s killed. For the record, my most extreme reaction is jumping out of my pants during one of Richard Parker’s “I WILL EAT YOU, SKINNY INDIAN BOY.” even though I know it’s coming. 

I can handle the rustle of candy wrappers and popcorn kernels. I can sit through that. I do not, however, enjoy having to listen to a murmured commentary from two people right next to me. I swear to you, the Harry Potter and New Moon premieres were more silent than a huge theater of less than twenty people.

Talking during a movie is like answering a cell phone during a movie. Don’t do it; it’s rude and impolite.

How to Deal With Large Sums of Money

Last week, a family was very, very, very lucky. They managed to win the 550 million dollar pot (a 293 million dollar lump sum), so congratulations to them!

You know, a very good question came up last week, when my friends and I were discussing the lotto pot, since it was over a half billion dollars. Someone asked:

“What would you do with that much money?”

Kura (previously mentioned as my current guild leader in that nerdy game, World of Warcraft), replied with “That’s easy, I’d travel around the United States in an RV, visiting guildies! Then I’d start building my own home <with lots of things I don’t remember> and live there with Eric <commence weird, annoying cooing noises only a couple in love could make>.”

Make no mistake, I fully expect one day to see a RV pull into my driveway at some point and Kura stepping out. I don’t know how I’d deal with that, considering there’s only one person I’ve met in real life from the game, and that was Furry (see this poem) and that was a trip of a lifetime. At least, for me, because I’m shy, quiet, and generally prefer locking myself in my house. 

But it got me thinking: what would I do with that amount of money? I know several people, including Kura and my parents, said “DONATE TO CHARITY!”, which I totally understand. But… all that came to mind was the word “college”. I know how I’d spend a small percentage of that money and that would be the following:

  • Finish college; obtain degree in English
  • Become national best-selling author
  • Put money into savings’ account
  • Don’t touch said savings’ account until own children are going to college
  • Become parent(s) to Nobel Prize winning children

I know, I know, it sounds weird, but after coming from a single income household, where my dad makes enough money that it doesn’t quite warrant getting enough money from scholarships, you can see my logic. My father also thought it was a wonderful idea to spend some of the college tuition on a flat screen television. The italicized steps may or may not be perks of winning the lottery.

The rest of the money? Obviously give into the IRS and pay my taxes. Buy a new, eco-friendly, working car. Key word, working. Find a nice bit of property, purchase it, become a farmer. Yes. I wish to become an organic farmer. I will grow my own food and raise my own meat, it is a done deal.

Future husband, I hope you read this one day and realize how smart I am.

Alas, it is a dream that one day I’d win the lottery so that I can buy a car that has a heater.