Where Did It Go

November 29th, 2012

Dear Time,

Please. Stop. Going. By. So. Fast.

It’s annoying, seriously. It was just January. What are you trying to prove, that now that I’m no longer a child, everything has to fly by? I thought that was supposed to happen when I had children myself!

It cannot be 32 days until 2013, okay. It isn’t allowed. I still have a ton of stuff to do in 2012. I can’t even begin to think about what I’m supposed to be doing when in 2013, when I turn twenty!

So slow the heck down and lemme catch up, alright?


Highly Annoyed Partisan


4 thoughts on “Where Did It Go

    • It’s completely silly, that’s what it is. But it’s true, what they say, that as we get older, time goes faster. Where does it all go? And where can I buy some more?

  1. I hear you, sister. This time business seems to go by faster and faster as we get older. And we’re not even that old yet! Imagine when we’re half a century old…. would time go by like seconds then? What a horribly frightening thought….

    • Oh, I’ll have to ask my mother. Though I’m pretty sure she’ll say “The days are long but everything else goes by so fast.” or something equally philosophical! 😉

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