Uhm, Excuse Me? What Do You Think You’re Doing?

As you have probably all heard by now, there are a total of thirty-four states petitioning to secede from the Union. At the moment. As in, we very well could see more deciding “Hey, we don’t want to be left out by not getting out! LET’S SECEDE!” And just so you know, it’s totally not my style to blog about two political issues in succession.

Thirty-four states. Make that 37.

But that’s over half the United States. That’s quite a few unhappy people bitching about the current state of the federal government. And you know what? I don’t blame them. But is it because Obama was re-elected and Romney lost, or is it because people actually realize how shitty our government is?

I’m betting it’s the prior. People, Romney was not a good fit. And trust me, I don’t like Obama that much, but he’s better than Romney.

So now the questions are: if the state government of Texas, who currently (at the time of this posting) has over 84,200 signatures and counting, decided to listen to this petition and they began drafting a legitimate request to secede, how many other states would start their own? Is this the start of a revolution that has been pending for years? Are we going to see a change in our current federal government?

I, for one, still support the idea of Cascadia. For all you people who’re just confused and/or from Washington, it is compromised of the land now called: Oregon, Washington, and part of, if not all of, British  Colombia. But would separate countries now be a good idea? What potential problems could we face should a handful of states be allowed to secede? Which we know they won’t be, but just what would be the dangers of a new country that just came off of the United States of America?


5 thoughts on “Uhm, Excuse Me? What Do You Think You’re Doing?

  1. I too agree Romney would not have been a good fit. Obama gets a lot of crap. No one, no government, is EVER perfect. Jeez people!

    I know very little about politics and government and blah. But that whole secession thing sounds pretty…scary. A DIVIDED “United” States of America… I wish I had something more intelligent to say but… … … … 😦

    • No, it is very hard to achieve perfection in anyway. There can’t be, it’s too difficult, with everything in the world that is negative.

      Yes, it’s very scary to think about, it’s scary that the United States could become divided, especially because of the election. But maybe it’ll scare our political leaders and we don’t have to worry about it actually happening. But I have no idea.

  2. What the hell, it’s now 37?? I just read a report yesterday that said it was 20!

    As much as I don’t like to say it, I have a sneaking suspicion that this sudden uproar of wanting to secede may be because people just can’t get over the fact that, a) Obama won again, and b) a black president won again. I remember the first time Obama won, so many people went, ‘oh well Bush had to go and Obama just got lucky. He’ll get booted out faster than anyone after 4 years.’
    Should part of the US really break away, I’m pretty sure those people are gonna realize just how hard it is to govern a country. It’s easy to whine and complain but WAY harder to actually do anything. Sheesh.

    • That’s how I felt. I had seen the article on yahoo about 20 states Monday night and when I looked something up on Google the next day, it brought up “34 STATES!” and then “37!”. Goodness sakes, people.
      It is, it really is, but some people have to complain. What can you do? :\

  3. Cascadia also includes Northern California – We do need to reclaim what has become the united states of corporate america – and along the way lets reclaim legal status for the rights of nature, reclaim subordination of corporate rights to the rights of people and local communities (4 communities reclaimed these rights joining over 150 in the last election), begin to committ to creating corridors of connection for ecological migrations driven by climate change, reorganize land stewardship (title is given by we the people and we can change what it means) by watershed and reestablish gardens of paradise!

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