On the Eve of the Rest of Our Lives

Is that too dramatic? Sorry. It certainly feels like the eve of the rest of our lives. So do y’all know what tomorrow is? It’s the first Tuesday of November of a Presidential election year, the summer Olympics, and a leap year. Has anyone else noticed how all three of these events all occur in the same year? I mean, seriously. What were our Founding Fathers planning?

Tomorrow is the official voting day in the US of A. We will not only be voting for the president, but we will be voting for state and federal level officials as well as measures/laws and the like. My guild master said it perfectly on Facebook today:

This is a friendly reminder for everyone who is a citizen of the United States and is able to vote, to, well, VOTE. I don’t understand why people don’t, considering this is basically the fate of the entire. Fucking. Country. In. Our. Hands. “It doesn’t affect me. Why should I vote?”

Because, idiot, it does affect you. It will affect everything from your health care to your taxes to your very social life. If you do not vote, and I mean it when I say this, you are not worth spending millions of dollars on. Do you understand? Yes, politicians are fucking idiots, we know that, and we know that all of them are in it for their personal gain. But at least you get to say, about the candidate(s) who fits the bill best to you, I voted for him. I am proud to be an American and I think he represents us well. Hell, people, you have a fucking chance to make MARIJUANA LEGAL. BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW THAT BECAUSE YOU WERE TOO BUSY WITH YOUR HEAD UP YOUR ASS, THINKING THAT THE GOVERNMENT IN NO WAY AFFECTS YOU. Well guess what. It does. Suck it up and vote.

Now that little rant is over….

Because there was that (illegal) fiasco of corporations telling workers that if Obama won, there may be downsizing, I had this conversation with my guild master:

I couldn’t resist, considering he’s a Satan Romney supporter. He has asked if I thought I made the right decision(s) when I voted. And yes, I did say “yer”. I like to say it when I want to sound like a drunken Dwarf. Now look at those pretty trees in the background.


4 thoughts on “On the Eve of the Rest of Our Lives

  1. What gets me most are the people who sit around doing nothing but complain about the state of the government and country and then go, yeah they all suck so I’m not gonna vote. REALLY?? Well then you have no right to complain then, seeing as how you didn’t do anything to try and change things with your vote. We may be one person, but it’s the act of voting for something we believe in that counts. Yeesh. Glad you’re not a Satan supporter because then I might have to reevaluate our blogging relationship. Kidding! Or am I? 😉

    • It really grinds my gears when people say “I’m not voting!” and later on complain. Bitch, please, you didn’t give yourself the right to vote!
      And oh no, I’m so glad I didn’t support Romney otherwise… I can’t even think about what could’ve happened to our blogging relationship! (And that I probably would’ve convinced my family and friends to move Canada should he have won. THANK GOD he didn’t).

  2. So true. Agree with Lillian too, people shouldn’t complain about the government and then refuse to vote and attempt to make a difference!
    And so refreshing to see an Obama supporter…my FB newsfeed is full of Satan lovers.

    • I haven’t even been paying attention to facebook lately, but I can imagine all the drama. I’d rather just avoid the site altogether, but there are some great people I’d like to keep in touch with, so! Avoiding it is out of the question. Still not going to go anywhere near it, though, because I know have more than a few Obama haters on my newsfeed.

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