A Qwik Story? Sign Me Up!

I enjoy promoting random internet sites. Seriously. No, really! Trust me! I do!

Okay, I don’t, not really. I keep my browsing histories to myself. I don’t have to share everything about myself. But sometimes I stumble across amazing sites that I want to share, that I know that people should find and put to use. Especially the ones that get your creative juices flowing. I think that’s why I enjoy blogging so much. It’s not only a way to connect with people, but it’s a way to get out of my “Oh, I can only write fiction.” box I’ve made for myself. (Yes, I do think blogging is a good way to connect with people. We bloggers have connected with hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people across the planet, have we not?)

My newest find is the website qwikstory.com. It’s free, that’s a big part. But it’s also one of the coolest sites I’ve tumbled across (that was a hint as to how I managed to find it). See, what you do is, after you’ve signed up, you can write a new story or you can continue one. “But what’s the difference from any other site that can do that?” You have one thousand characters to write what you want to write and then the story moves onto the next person. I highly encourage the use of this site, just because I have the feeling it’s going to be incredibly fun!

This is my profile (because I’m special and know y’all join it and want to look me up). And this is the first story I continued and this is the first story I started. 

Humor me and at least look into joining, pretty please? What do I gotta do, offer cupcakes?


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