Old People, Technology, and Two In the Morning

My mother is 50. She turned 50 this year. Don’t let her know you know, she’s telling everyone she’s 29. Because, really, it’s daunting to think that at some point, we reach half a century. And my mother’s ‘witnessed’ more than her share of a few things, though all the things I’ve asked her about usually result in “I was about seven, don’t expect me to remember this event in my life.” That reference being about the rocket launch to the moon in 1969.

And while my mother is a hard worker, a quick learner, and incredibly clever (do NOT go against her in a game of snarky comments, you will most likely lose), there’s one thing she struggles with: modern technology. She quit her CS 120 class because she couldn’t catch up and the teacher expected everyone to know exactly what unit and chapter she was talking about, which is hard to do, when you have no idea what the f**k is going on. There are so many times when I’ve attempted to show her how to do something and usually less than twelve hours later, it’s “Karyn, how do you do this again?” “Mom, I just showed you how to do it.” “Teach me again, I’m old.” “Not old enough to have Alzheimer’s.” “Just do it.”

Woman, I swear to whatever god there is, there is no reason for you to forget how to highlight something. Take the mouse, click, and drag it over the text.

But maybe that’s just my issue: I expect her to pick it up because I’m teaching it. I don’t expect her to learn it when some idiot she’s paying to teach her how to do something on the computer but I fully expect her to understand what I’m doing and for it to stick. In any case, because I’m lazy and there is no way in hell that I’ll ever write another bibliography by myself, I showed her how to use easybib.com. Yeah, teachers want you to learn how do it by yourself, no help from the internet, but why the hell would you NOT use it?  Kids, take a lesson and click that link.

So I taught my mom how to use easybib.com at 2am. Yes, two in the morning. We’ll see if it sticks. It most likely won’t, but you know what? That’s okay. I’ll keep teaching it over and over again and try not to lose patience. Though I do now understand how parents feel when their child is doing a project the night before it’s due (which is evidently not the same case as this, but I’m pretty sure it is). Next, I’ll show her how to use PowerPoint. Exciting life I live.


2 thoughts on “Old People, Technology, and Two In the Morning

  1. Oh boy, good luck with Powerpoint (here’s to hoping she actually learns it, unlike my mom). What gets on my nerves is when my mom wants to buy some gadget but I already know that she won’t know how to use it and then she’ll give up and my sisters will end up using it or she’ll bother us with basic user questions to no end.
    I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen to me when I’m a mom…..geesh.

    • Haha, my mom knows she shouldn’t get involved with certain technologies. Every once in a while, she’ll text. The first time that happened, I was floored. When did she learn to text?
      I know, right? But you’d think that since we grew up in such an age as this, we’ll be alright in the future (from the 19 going on 99 year old).

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