Something New to Review – Music

Sorry for not posting more, a mixture of college work and a certain game has consumed my life… Like I had one before. As well as situations I manage to get into, for whatever reason. (Just once, ONCE, I’d appreciate it if my online time did NOT HAVE SOME SORT OF DRAMA. I mean, it’s not as bad as it has been in the past, but this is where I go to avoid things that make me uncomfortable in real life, even if just for a few hours or so. Butt faces.)

I’m pretty gosh darn sure, that even though I have a music category, I haven’t used it. Or at least, not as a main category. I’ve been meaning to, but really, how does someone inexperienced review music? I always feel like, whenever I read an album or band review, that they compare them and they say fancy things and I’m just sitting there like “…The hell does this mean? And why are you comparing it to this band or this artist?” and then at the end, the author’s opinion on the album and musicians becomes clear. Kind of. “Oh, I THINK you’re saying to liked it.” I don’t think I can live up to the typical music industry reviewer, but I can force my opinion on you, whether you like it or not.

We’re starting off with this awesome band that’s actually been around since, like 2008, and released a full length album this year. I believe their song “In Time” was covered by Glee. I’m trying to remember how I originally heard them. (Yes, I’m a Gleek, okay! And I’m totally shipping Rachel and Brody. Screw Finn.) And then I was on WoW Insider for some reason, and found a machinima of one of their songs, “Tiptoe”! I didn’t watch the whole thing through, I just hightailed it to YouTube. “MUST. FIND.”

Yeah, if you know who this is, you guessed correctly: It’s the musical stylings of that — I’m still trying to figure out what genre they are. The album, Night Visions, is listed as pop, Wikipedia lists the band as alternative/indie rock (which I believe), so who knows! Okay, I swear, I’ll drop a name in three… two… one…

Imagine Dragons.

Ooooh, yeah, talk about sexy. I mean, uh, amazing! What the music and his voice may or may not cause in certain areas has no reason to be discussed. Let’s move along.

I love the first two songs on Night Visions like a child loves their blanket… I’m going to wear holes into the songs, figuratively speaking. I present to you: Radioactive and Tiptoe.

I implore you to at least listen to 30 seconds of each song before you walk away and decide you’re done with me and my musical tastes,  considering I know a ton of people who are closed-minded in this subject. (I will at least listen to something before I toss it out. Even rap! And jazz. I’m not quite partial to jazz, it brings memories of my maternal grandpa. RIP, Grandpa Jack.)

This concludes my first music review! I think. I haven’t got a clue what I’m do— Actually, I just generally don’t know what I’m doing. If you didn’t get my opinion on this band and album, it’s “I love it and if I had the money I would follow them across the country.” They’re actually playing Wednesday and Thursday in Portland. Opening for AWOLNATION I believe on Wednesday. I sorely wish I could go, but hey, poor college student. Not gonna happen. At least in this moment in time.

I will become a millionaire somehow and attend a majority of my favorite bands’ concerts. Someday. Muahahaha — Oh, that’s not where you insert the evil laugh? Oh. Okay.


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