I Do Not Like Them, Sam I Am, I Do Not Like… Dentists.

So over an hour ago, I finished getting my wisdom teeth removed.

It was an appointment I did not make. It was an appointment I had wished never to make. It was an appointment that I sorely did not want to go to.

I am not an enthusiastic person when it comes to the dentist. At the age of 8, I had my first set of braces. They were removed about a year or so, and four years later, I had them back on again. Two years, I suffered monthly visits to a place that thought shoving metal appliances and tools into my mouth was a good idea and a wonderful way to make a living. $5000 dollars worth of fun. I simply do not like having sharp, pointy objects in my mouth.

Imagine my horror when the dentist today said “NEEDLES! WE’RE GOING TO STAB YOU IN THE MOUTH WITH NEEDLES!” I have an aversion to getting shots. It’s like, they’re trying to kill me. That’s actually what went through my head: “I’m going to die, I’m going to die, this stupidly comfortable rotating chair that everyone should have and would make a rather comfy place to sleep is going to be my deathbed.” It took a lot of effort not to cry, both before, when they were shoving metal tools into my face, and after, when I was relieved it was over.

And it’s not just dentists, but I also hate doctors. I swear, just sitting in the waiting room of either is like a walk of shame for me. I hate being there, it makes me uncomfortable, and I really don’t want to have to listen to their narrations of their life or tell them about mine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they’re nice people and wonderful to be around, but I dislike the dental and doctoral professions with a passion. It’s not you, it’s what you do for a living.

Today has been wonderful. My bottom lip feels like it’s too big for my face and my face feels weird. And the pain, “soreness” as he called it, is starting to kick in, on the upper right hand side of my mouth. Looks like I’ll be needing ibuprofen sooner than I thought. The only good thing to come out of this is probably the fact that I’ll most likely lose some much needed to be lost weight.

In other news, I totally spaced on informing y’all of who won last week’s episode of Face Off and who lost: Derek won, Eric was sent home. Damn, that sucks. It makes me wonder if they did that on purpose though, choosing twins… The world may never know. And tomorrow, hopefully, I will be on my way to California, because I am being coerced visiting a friend in San Francisco! He literally said “What are you doing this week? When does college start? Come to San Fran and let’s explore this city.” I love half-assed plans and sudden surprises! They’re WONDERFUL! But I’m looking forward to it.


2 thoughts on “I Do Not Like Them, Sam I Am, I Do Not Like… Dentists.

  1. I actually wouldn’t recommend the painkillers because a lot of my friends ended up getting really sick. I didn’t take them and though I was rather miserable for about 4 days, the pain wasn’t as unendurable as I thought. So you know, just fyi. Hope you feel better soon! Oh and though I’m from Socal, I’ll still wish you an early “Welcome to California!” 😀

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