The Tale of the Furry Lad

This is a poem I wrote about a friend. It’s a funny little ditty, to be sure. A little dirty, especially with all this fur. Oops, I’m rhyming again. But it’s a little racy, so be forewarned. This is what happens when you make friends with a furry. Strange sh*t happens. I’ve also made a reference to a BBC show, and if you can figure out that reference, congrats, you’re amazing!

This is a tale,

Of a wee lad,

By the name of Furry,

Who chases the boys,

And scares the girls,

While looking for his John.

As he searches,

The fur upon his body,

Falls like leaves,

Causing a mess.

Everywhere the huskyboy goes,

He leaves a little trace,

As he ambushes people,

While in their pillows,

Or kills off the guild heralds,

All the while,

Trying to hump Aphro’s leg.


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