And Now, We Bring To You Some Unimportant News…

Life is stressful. Life sucks. I am tired of stress. And money. But I’m sure most people feel that way. Life decided it wanted to bitch slap me, but don’t worry, I beat it to the punch line. (Get it? Get it? I did that unintentionally. I’m so witty.)

Let’s get down to business:

Last week I posted about Face Off. Guess who was correct in thinking that no one was voted off. That’s right, me! See, what happened was that evidently there was a 12th person by the name of Joe, and he was a rather crappy make-up artist compared to everyone else. He and Tommy were partners since the first one was a team challenge, and let me tell you, I am pretty gosh darn sure a two-year old could finger paint that make-up better. It was hideous, and Tommy threw Joe under the bus. Which I guess really pissed Joe off, so instead of sticking around, he left. He was disqualified and no one went home. And both last week’s episode and this week’s have proven that there are four contestants that completely and utterly excel above the others: Rod, Roy, Laura, and Sarah. Sarah won last night and C.C. went home.

Also, 5.0.4 came out and I can’t help but laugh at everyone who’s have issues with their game. Suckers.

And the first segment of people/companies that need to at least check facts before they spew nonsense out. Morons.:

So I received a letter from a study abroad program last week. Alright, cool, I could go study somewhere in Europe! How cool would that be?! Now keep in mind that A) this is addressed to ME, and B) I’m only nineteen. I open this letter and I start to read when… “daughter” shows up in the sentence. I evidently had a child somewhere between the ages of non-existence¬†and the age of two. What the hell. Where did these people get their information? Mind. Blown. I do not understand. At all.

I’m gonna meet this kid one day. That I supposedly had. She must be awesome if I gave birth to her before I was fully developed.


2 thoughts on “And Now, We Bring To You Some Unimportant News…

    • I have no idea. You’d think they’d have this thing called technology that would, like, have information I never willingly gave them or something. Evidently they don’t.

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