Follow Up To American Right or Privilege

Just to clarify I totally did not steal Lily’s post, this is a follow-up to my own post about driving (but by all means, read her post, it is hilarious!). At the end I had said something about Californians being completely crap drivers. Which I truly believe they are.

Anyway, because I have no social life and I’m always dinking around on the internet, there’s a comic strip I absolutely enjoy. It’s called Scandinavia and The World. The creator, Humon, is Danish and the strip is about the countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark, mainly. There are appearances by other countries, such as Germany, France, Italy, and, of course, the big ‘bully’ of the world, America. What does this strip have to do with driving? Well, the most recent post is about driving in Britain compared to driving in France.

Of course, as soon as I read it, I had to post. What person in their right mind wouldn’t? So here’s what I posted and the one response I received that changed my outlook. Because the names are typically usernames, not actual names, I feel pretty confident that their identity wasn’t compromised.

I thought it was pretty gosh darn hilarious to be told that. Evidently, it just depends on what state (or country!) you go to and how they see you drive or how you see them drive. Who knew!

And sorry that the pictures are tiny. Evidently the images didn’t want to respond to what I wanted them to do. Finland is my favorite character.


One thought on “Follow Up To American Right or Privilege

  1. That comment by the other person made me laugh. And you’re right, it really does boil down to perception and what we think is right/wrong or the cultural norm. Having been around US drivers all my life, it’s been a bit of an adjustment seeing people here in Taiwan who apparently take red lights as a suggestion and not an ultimatum.

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