Potentially Exciting News (That May Actually Only Excite Me)

So instead of the two 500+ word plus drafts that I wanted to post (one about a story I started writing and am looking for the appro— I mean, just to show off my writing skills, and the other about the recent deer-death-by-mountain-lions-in-my-neighborhood situation) I am instead going to share my excitement! “But,” you may say, “What is there to be excited about?” Well hush and I’ll try to share it with you!

See, I had this quite awesome idea, because I’m awesome, of course. “A horse is a horse, of course, of course.” Don’t ask. I don’t know where that came from. Ignore it. But because I have been bestowed with an overabundance of creative energy that I can’t seem to hone into what I exactly what I want, I have had one of the more million best ideas ever I have. Okay, okay, I’ll shut up about my being awesome, because it’s not true. I just like to build myself up.

Anyway, I have decided that instead of my favored stars and trees, there shall be a change. I’ve got an affinity for drawing illuminated letters, so I am creating my own… sigil, of sorts, for Spirals And Straight Lines. This is just a friendly “HEY, SO YOU DON’T GO ‘OMG WHAT HAPPENED’, I’M TELLING YOU NOW” heads up. Coming in the next few weeks (days, hopefully, but I’m still trying to decide if I want to do it on colored paper or not, which is just one of the few ideas I’ve had), a new background will be arriving. Hand-drawn, crappily shaded, odd colors and the works that will hopefully be not as bad on the eyes as my current background. I like it, I do, but I’d like something vibrant and with dragons. Dragons! I need more practice with those, since my drawing style always changes, but if there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s a good mythical creature. One day, I’ll have an entire illuminated letter alphabet based off of different mythical creatures. Just K and T won’t have beasties that begin with the letters K and T.

But there you have it. I have shared my excitement over impressing myself with an idea with you to groan over: “Ugh, this woman… It’s all about her, isn’t it.” Yes. Yes it is. Don’t make me flip my hair. I will if forced to, I promise.


6 thoughts on “Potentially Exciting News (That May Actually Only Excite Me)

  1. This IS exciting! As beautiful as your current background is, it is still admittedly a little straining on the eyes. I’m looking forward to your creation! Speaking of which, I’m still not entirely happy with the way my current theme looks so maybe I should switch it up again too…..

    • And it’s so… DARK. 😦 But my smiling dragon will be here soon! I had this really cool idea to do it on yellow colored paper.

      …I just have to figure out how you make a dragon SMILE. It currently looks like the gryphon from Camelot. Which creeps me out. As long as it doesn’t start talking. Then I think there are more major issues than trying to figure out how to work a dragon’s facial feature.

      • You lost me when you put dragon and smile in the same sentence. When have we ever seen dragons SMILE?? Wait, I take that back…. didn’t the dragon in the movie How To Train Your Pet Dragon smile? Although they didn’t look much like dragons to me in the first place…..

      • I TOTALLY AGREE. I loved that movie, but none of the dragons look like actual dragons. But way better than the debacle of a dragon in Eragon. That was just… Horrible.
        And yes, a smiling dragon. I should have redrawn the eyes; it makes her look a little mean, like she’s going to eat everyone.

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