Writer’s Block, You Evil Thing

Has it really been ten days since my last post? Humph. My excuse is that for five days, I was gone at camp (which was fun, as usual. It wasn’t until the last night that I decided, and I literally said aloud “I don’t need bug spray this time around. No bugs have been bothering me.”, I didn’t need bug spray. Itchy, itchy, itchy!) then writer’s block hit me. Oh, I could have gone into detailed length about camp, but eh. Once the pet battle system in the MoP beta came out, I thought about that, but, eh. That’s just about covered on any WoW site. So, whatever. Then Saturday, I could have come home and talked about seeing Magic Mike. After a six-hour round trip car drive? No thanks, too tired!

Okay, quick thing about Magic Mike… It was actually really good. And not in the sense of “Oh, well, this movie is very mentally stimulating.” Ladies, two words: Channing Tatum. Because I went and saw it with family, afterwards, one of my cousin’s said “That was the first time I’ve ever been jealous of a floor.” Oh, Hollywood. Bringing us men in nothing but thongs that are so chiseled, they can’t be real. Give me a moment as I swoon a bit thinking about him.

In other ‘news,’ I finally have a watch. And the cheap plastic green watch I bought for a dollar at my local Dollar Tree. I went out and bought a watch. Actually, to be more precise, a watch face. “A watch face? Uh, what?” My good, dear friends, let me explain to you: I am an artiste. I may not be very good at being an artiste, but nonetheless! I know what I am and what I am is creatively inclined. You can find a few of my art pieces on DeviantArt. I rarely use it anymore, just because I am lazy and don’t tend to scan my pieces. I really need to. I went through and redid a few drawings (my preferred medium is colored pencils) that I know needs to be posted.

But yeah, I also can get a bit crafty with jewelry making. I’m a whiz with friendship bracelets, and since coming home from Hawaii with a turtle charm, I’ve been slowly collecting beads and wire and the like to make actual bracelets. If I do say so myself, my little watch is quite cute. I enjoy it a lot. The jewelry making, that is. I actually pumped this baby out in about 70 minutes — in a moving vehicle. Yeah, I know, let’s hear it: “You are a bad ass. We worship you.” (Kidding. Though I am bad ass at times.)

I’ve also started with the illuminated letters again. I had started a harpy (queen) a while back; most risqué thing I’ve ever drawn. I guess that tells everyone my life has been pretty sheltered. So I finished the rough draft of my harpy (queen) and had copied it over to the final paper… I was not happy with the results. So I threw it in my folder and gave up for a moment or two, before making my brother give me an idea as well as a letter to come up with. We went through B and incubus, before one of us finally said: “W IS FOR WYVERN.” And that’s what I drew. This is just the rough copy, but hey, I’ll post it when it’s finished!


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block, You Evil Thing

  1. Glad you’re back! And that may be the first time I’ve seen someone buy only a watch face (didn’t know you could buy them separately!) and then make the strap themselves. I won’t worship you just yet but I’ll bow my head in acknowledgment of your creative skills. 🙂

    • Oh my gosh, someone who’s going to keep my ego in check. Thank you! You’ve earned the “I am a Rock and I’ll hold you down” award!
      And yup, you can totally buy watch faces separately. I had to search forever to find one, though. I found a site, but I was a bit wary. You can never know what they’ll do with your card information.

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