A Change In Thinking

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I’m not one to speak politically. Most of the time. I, like the average American, have other things to do than try to think about what’s going wrong in our government. But even so, I have my opinion about the state of the government, about the officials in office, and what we ought to be doing to fix our shattered infrastructure. I also don’t normally voice my opinion to anyone else other than one person I know I can count on to have a structured political conversation with: my mother.

Oh, I know how this sounds, I do. Yet, I think this needs to be said, and what better place to put this than on the internet where the world can read it and judge it? So you, dear reader, are going to sit in your café or on your couch, or on the train, and read my opinion on the United States of America.

First off, the nation is in shambles, whether we realize it or not. We have a multi-trillion dollar debt; we import more than we export; our jobs have almost all been outsourced; and we’re slowly going down the literacy ladder. How does a nation with three hundred million citizens allow this to happen? How do we fix this? What will happen to our country if we continually let our government go down this road?

“Follow the money trail.” The first time I ever heard this phrase was junior year of high school from my history teacher. Everything in history has a money trail. And currently ours is leading to a pretty crappy future. What do I mean? I mean, my generation and our children’s generations and so on are going to be left with a United States no one really wants to deal with. I’m pretty sure most don’t want to deal with us now. Why’s that? $15,000,000,000,000 and counting. It’s a beautiful number, isn’t it. You just want to reach out and pet it, tell it it’s a good boy, that no one ever wants to hurt it. WRONG! We want to get rid of that number. We want to blast it into space because it’s a negative number. It’s an evil, bad number lined in red that needs to go away. How can we fix this? How do we turn our profits around to make over fifteen trillion dollars in debt fifteen trillion dollars to line our pockets with? Okay, maybe not that much to line our pockets with, but you get my point, right? I hope so.

This is where it gets good.

Instead of playing the “Oh, we want countries to like us” card, we need to be playing the “I may like you and all, but TARRIFS FOR EVERYONE” card. Yes. Tariffs. That’s one way to bring in revenue.

Another way is to stop allowing business’s to outsource our jobs. Seriously, guys. I like knowing that somewhere a family in China is eating tonight, but we’re trying to rebuild a once great nation. Stop. The. Outsourcing. Someone once mentioned to me that maybe we should be putting taxes on the businessmen who have decided to outsource the jobs Americans once had. Make it so that they want to come back and give us our jobs back. We need to be self-supporting. We also need to start exporting our own goods.

The next thing we can do is stop buying products that have been imported. To get our economy back on track, we really need to be buying and producing locally. I know, I know, this means spending a lot more on groceries, but hey, think of it as making a super good investment in your local farmers as well as protecting your children from potentially harmful foods. How much pesticide do you think may be on that imported apple you bought recently? It also means that we need to be buying food in season. Buy foods that are in season that are produced locally and we’re headed there.

What else can we do to revive the US of A? This one is my favorite:


But wait, you may say, what, exactly, is wrong with our educational system?

My rebuttal: There aren’t enough gas stations in the country to supply enough jobs. We don’t see education as a thing that is important, unless it depends on your family. Teachers try to make a difference, but how can they when they’re limited and when the student doesn’t, pardon the language, f*cking care? We re-evaluate our education standards, we can do something. More educated minds mean more ideas to save everything on the planet. Yes. Everything. I’m not going to end up like the people in WALL-E. And instead of restricting our teachers, let them do what they need to help our kids. And parents, do a better job at being in your children’s education. Make them into nerds. Every last one of them. Nerds are good. I like nerds. Nerds have brain power.

Here’s another way to revive the United States: start voting. I’m a hypocrite in this category, because I didn’t vote when I got the primary ballot. But I registered democrat. One name. There was one name on that ballot. We all know whose it was, too. He’s the only democrat running.

Start voting, people. Look each candidate over, ask yourself “what is he going to do for this country? What is he going to do for our people?” and instead of thinking “Screw voting, no one is worth it” just choose the next best candidate. Tah-dah, recipe for something. If we all think about what each candidate, no matter the election type, brings to the table, we’ll be headed to a better place.

But it’s not just the voting we need to be doing. Back to following the money. Politics is a dirty game (can you blame me for not wanting to share my opinion?) and money is the power. Dirty deals, underhanded going on’s, it’s all part of it. This is what could lead us to the worst thing that could happen: a presidential candidate that doesn’t want his or her term to end after eight years; instead, they’re going to seize power. I may not see it happen, we may not see it happen for years, but you know someone’s going to break the mold. Then where will we be?!

Sorry if I sound exasperated, that’s the point. What I’m trying to say is that we really need to overhaul everything in this country to make it great again. We need to stop being lazy suckers, start looking around, and trying to fix what IS broken. Because whether you like to admit it or not, something at the moment isn’t working, and it’s up to the people of the people’s nation to make the United States of America great again. And don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that we highly enjoy helping other nations, but we kind of need to take a step back and help ourselves first.

So let’s review what we can do right now:

  • Buy produce locally and in season
  • Focus better on our education
  • Pay better attention to our election candidates, not just presidential
  • Spread the word that it’s time the PEOPLE started to bring change, not just the face of the USA

Okay, I’m done. I think I tried to make my thoughts as coherent as possible. I know education is a bit… fuzzy, to say the least, but I didn’t write down what I needed to about that, sadly. I just know education isn’t a priority as it once was and that needs to be changed.


3 thoughts on “A Change In Thinking

  1. I completely agree that we need to step back and help ourselves first before we nose into other people’s business (and bully them into accepting our help). And education definitely needs to be put back on the map of priorities. I don’t understand how all the people with power (politicians) can keep hacking away at the education budget and then expect the next generation to rise to the occasion in the future and keep America from sinking lower.

    Just my two cents. Great post! 🙂

    • Thank you! I was a bit afraid that I was incredibly incoherent about my thoughts on this. But I’ve wanted to write about this because we really do need a change.
      And seriously! My thoughts, too, on education. Looking at all the kids I had the pleasure of going to school with and actually interacting with (I went from a school of about 500 people to one with over 2000; my graduating class was 500 itself), I know quite a few who won’t continue on to attend college, or will, but won’t stick with it. Especially the ones with kids. We just don’t promote education the way it should be nor do we have the needed materials to keep on top of it. It all depends on where the school is located and what minority is attending the school district. My cousin is a teacher in Minnesota and has said that because the district is near a Native American reservation, the school will be getting i-pads to replace the books. I-pads! I totally support getting new technology in the classroom; but what about the schools who don’t have the budgets to even purchase NEW BOOKS?
      Aurgh, this is frustrating. And after being in an International Baccalaureate classroom and seeing my classmates who actually participated on a daily basis in the classroom, I want to build my own school. At the very least, become a teacher and make kids interested in learning. I could do that; unless it was middle school. I have the feeling I’d be driven insane first, to be honest (can you tell I didn’t enjoy my middle school years?).
      Alright, I’ll shut my mouth now.

      • There’s just such a huge disparity between the benefits that some schools get and the schools that don’t get anything that’s really frustrating to watch. And I totally agree with you about middle school….. I’ve never wanted to be a teacher but if I did, I’d take elementary or high school ANY day over middle school. (I obviously didn’t enjoy my time in it either 😉 )

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