Me, Myself, and My Visual ‘Handicap’

I was considering writing about Brave, Disney’s newest princess Merida, but I thought back over my previous posts and I realized just how much I write about visual things. TV shows, movies, reading, etc, etc, etc. I suppose this just says that I am an incredibly visual person. Which I am. I guess. I have to see everything just ’cause I can.

It wouldn’t surprise me that it stems from my blurry vision when without glasses. The world is a wonderful place and I’d rather wear glasses than wander about in a blind haze. Through all the hatred, the war, the negativity that we, as people, bring to this earth, nature makes me want to leave my home, my safe spot, my bubble. Of course, I’m a worry wart about silly things like volcanoes and earthquakes, spiders and venomous snakes, but hey, I will risk these things to explore both the non-lethal and lethal sides of this extraordinary planet.

Even in yoga, when the instructor told us to close our eyes, I still had to look around. Whenever I could keep my eyes closed for a length of time, I was insanely proud of myself. You’d think after twelve weeks, I’d get the poses down, but oh well. Once, I even considered removing my glasses and forcing myself to keep my eyes closed. Then I decided against it, because it felt like a stupid idea.

So while the only time I keep my eyes closed is when I’m asleep (even in my sleep, I still visualize things; some of my dreams have proven to be pretty weird), I can’t really call my poor eyesight a handicap, because it is what makes me want to go see Stonehenge for myself, to go to the Great Wall of China, visit all the museums in the world to see the art and the history, risk getting bitten by some monster in some country no one would ever expect me to go to. I may be a timid person, but I want to explore, and I want to see the world for what it is, nerdy glasses and all.

Screw you, poor eyesight, you aren’t gonna hold me back. And I’ll just keep extra pairs of glasses in my luggage and my person, should you ever try to keep me down!


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