The Killing: Holy Crap, Really?

Here we are, back for another (and the season’s last) episode of The Killing. If you watched it, you understand my “Holy crap” statement.

So we already knew Jaime had something to do with it; if it hadn’t been clear in the beginning of the season finale part 1 episode, it was definitely clear at the end when he was confronted by his grandfather and Richmond. But holy frickin’ crap, the second person. I know she didn’t know Rosie was in the trunk, but goodness sakes’. That made my jaw drop. Hard. I think I need to go and see if I can’t have it x-rayed, to check for any cracks. Talk about a curve ball.

I’m not going to tell who this mysterious culprit is, but let’s just say I have the feeling she’ll be convicted for man-slaughter.


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