Book Review: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

First off, let me just say: it’s a frickin’ love-hate relationship between me and Clare. No, we don’t actually know each other; there’s just some stuff that she’s written that I absolutely hate but I can’t help but love. Now, I’m not sure if that means she’s a good or a bad writer, I suppose it just depends on who you’re talking to about this kind of thing, since everyone has different opinions.

But I finally finished Clockwork Prince last night. After having it on my night table for… a month or so, I finally picked it up and read it. I have thus far liked the Infernal Devices series; it hasn’t been dragged out, in my opinion, like Mortal Instruments. I’ve read up to the fourth book and after the third… Bah, too much drama in City of Lost Souls. This is besides the point.

In Clockwork Prince, we’re continuing where we left off in Clockwork Angel. Tessa Gray is living with the Shadowhunters of London’s Institute, and she’s dragged along, even though she’s a Downworlder. I’m going to basically assume that anyone who is willing to read this knows what I’m talking about. If you don’t, read the series and don’t read further on! But yeah, Tessa is willingly dragged along as the Shadowhunters she lives with try to find that ass named Axel Mortmain so that Charlotte and Henry Branwell can keep their positions as head of the London Institute.

Also living in the Institute are the only two boys who could possibly be more annoying than Jacob and Edward, had Clare written like Meyers. Oh, dear god, I already feel the claws sinking into my flesh for daring to compare Jem and Will to the monsters in Twilight. The only reason I find them annoying is because there’s a love triangle and Will is the stupid “Oh, I’m cursed, no one can love me” and all dramatic. Then you have Jem who (I, of course, am in love with; who wouldn’t be?) is only annoying because he’s actually dying. I love both male characters, but I’m just tired of reading about male leads that have to be dramatic when it comes to love. I know, I know, you can’t escape it, but I can try. But I cannot lie, my heart broke a little (okay, a lot) for Will in the end. This is why I dislike love triangles. I dislike them, I dislike them, I dislike them.

Overall, I loved the book. I can’t wait for Clockwork Princess, due out next year. It can’t come soon enough. And the reason I didn’t give more of a summary, because I know someone will complain, they always do, is because I’ve learned that ruining plots for people is just that: ruined. So go out and read the Infernal Devices! Or don’t, it’s not like I’m going to come beat you for not.

Also, Party for Everybody! Who can say no to the cute Russian grandmas from Eurovision? I can’t help it, they are adorable. And I’d like to thank Scandinavia and the World for making a comic about Eurovision. Otherwise, would I have really seen Turkey and his man-boat?


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