The Killing: Who dunnit? – The Suspect in the Upcoming Finale

So I literally just finished watching June 3rd’s episode of the Killing. I cannot wait until the finale. We’re supposed to finally find out who the killer is! I don’t think I can wait that long, not without going (even more) insane first.

And evidently AMC is hedging us towards a very specific somebody: We’re going back to Darren Richmond’s campaign and we’re looking into a blonde somebody. When I first started watching, someone commented that Gwen could have done it; that was more plausible than Jaime. I mean, yeah, he did seem a bit shady, but still. So my questions are:

Could Jaime have really done it? And what was his motive? Why would he harm his friend’s political campaign?

Just one week till the first episode of the season finale, and I’m confused but delightfully so!

And a happy birthday shout-out to one of my besties!


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