Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before

Q. Quick, before I dive in, without using the internet, just that random knowledge generator we call a brain, NAME! THAT! BAND!

Anyway, while I realize that the people who have actually listened to this song knows the general gist of the song. I immediately think of several excuses that I’ve used and heard that are clearly overused: The <random animal, typically a dog> ate my homework; I was sick so I didn’t know, etc, etc. (I never had the privilege to use the dog excuse). But yeah, we’re talking excuses here, people.

My latest excuse for not doing something has been “Oh, sorry, I was in the middle of a boss fight. What do you want?” Truth be told, I most likely was in a boss fight. Or I was blatantly ignoring you. Sorry. But my attention to the outside world has come to a halt, and I think we all know why:

Last week, the long anticipated game, Diablo 3, was released. And while I know I’m late to the party in celebrating its release (almost a week, I’m bad, I know), it’s been a bit hard to tear my face away from the world of Sanctuary, where the whole  lot of Supernatural has been cast. Yeah, I just did that. I was playing my Demon Hunter when it hit me: “Holy shiznit, if I had made her male, I could have named her Sam or Dean Winchester!” I’m bad, I know, but I absolutely love that show. It doesn’t hurt that I share a birthday with Jensen Ackles. No, really, I do. The other celebrity that I share it with is Ronald Bilius Weasley (and Justin Bieber. But Ron and Jensen totally factor him out).

So, yep, I’ve finally defeated Diablo myself and am headed through Nightmare mode on my wizard, Clarice. I won’t lie, that’s what’s been keeping me from posting, or writing, or anything else that could be mildly important.

I feel like such a nerd now.

A. I have the feeling that most of you readers used our second random knowledge generator, Google, but for those that could honestly answer, you are one step closer to becoming your own Google! Soon, you’ll be able to answer really random questions like “What is linseed oil made from?” (my personal favorite; I have no idea how the hell I know that one, but I do) or “What is one of the longest words in the English language?” Okay, I lied on that second one. I can’t even pronounce this stupid thing: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. It’s now my mission to find some way to use this word.


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