Quick, Someone, Bring Me Coffee!

For the past few days, there has been no such thing as sleep in my life. Except for today, when my body decided that since my lack of sleep wasn’t doing me any good, it thought I should become sick. Thanks for that, body, you’re so helpful as always. Also not on my agenda has been this thing called “school work” as well as “food”.

“Hey, you, don’t stop eating and do your homework!” someone yells from somewhere. “You’re screwing yourself over either way, so quit it!”

Fine. Whatever.

See, for the past few days, I’ve had the most amazing experience I’ve ever had and have always dreamed of having: Having just an idea after idea after idea for this story I began months ago. I have no clue where this sudden inspiration has come from, but in the last… Oh, I dunno, 80+ hours, I went from four pages to over twenty. Yes, this is an accomplishment for me because I get bored with my own stories. I mean, after a while, you just… get the same ones over and over again that you’ve read over and over again. After all, really, each story becomes a variation of another and that one a variation of a previous one. It’s a never ending cycle. It helped, too, that the immediate response I got from my friend was “Oh my god, give me more.” She never does that!

That sounds like I’m writing for her. I’m not. Well, kind of. Every writer has an audience and whether you tell me that “I should write for myself, not other people” or not, I still have to at least show it to an audience. And feedback from that audience is great! GREAT!

It’s a start, that’s for sure. I’ll probably end up showing it to someone else and they’ll ruin my self-esteem in it and I’ll scrap it. But hey, at least I have a start.



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