I Bought My Way In…

When you see a good deal, be it with coupons or just an awesome sale or mark down, you jump at the chance to get it. Television highly enjoys showing people, particularly women during holiday sales, beating each other over the heads for something. Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopaholic comes to mind.

With the Annual Pass from Blizzard, I saw an awesome deal. I knew after they announced it where I’d be in a year: playing World of Warcraft. I knew, too, I’d somehow get my hands on Diablo 3. At first, I had assumed I’d be sharing a D3 game with my brother and father to save on costs. The AP allowed me get out of that potential mess. So I signed up. Not only do I get D3 when it comes out, I also got this ugly flying horse mount! Woo! And then my favorite: access to the next Blizzard beta. Since I first started playing in 2005, I wanted to get into the next WoW beta so badly. And now, I’ve bought my way in with the AP.

Lurking on MMO-Champ really didn’t help with waiting when the Mists of Pandaria beta started. But I lurked anyway, checking my battle.net account every so often, waiting. (Quick thank you to the poster on MMO-Champ who provided a beta download for when we finally got in the beta.)

Beta invite wave 4 comes out, my initial thoughts, “Oh, I won’t get in. I shouldn’t check, but I will anyway.” It was if I had won the lottery (in a way it was; over 1million people signed up for the AP) and it involved pandas! As soon as I copied 4 out of 5 of my level 85s, and a random premade, I logged on. Of course it took some time figuring out how to keep from crashing, but once I figured out what was wrong, I was in.

Lag. Achievement spam. Awe. It’s overwhelming! Mostly just the lag and the annoying premade spam. So I do my thing, getting my UI set up on each toon and sending a few characters to Pandaria. Man, and I had thought that Stormwind was bad!

So I messed around a little and then decided to make a Pandaren monk.

Ain’t she cute? Only thing I wish is that there were more options to have female pandaren’s hair down.

So far, I’ve been enjoying my time on the beta, and I seriously cannot wait until hunters can finally tame something. The new tiger models are amazing! But until then, I’m going to shun Blizzard for ruining Shaman totems (for the past 6 1/2 years, I’ve gotten used to how they work now!) and praising them on other things, like the new druid glyphs. I seriously hope they make it into the game.

The new Boomkin form for Balance druids!

The stag was supposed to have been the original travel form for druids, from what I’ve heard.

Noxcaelum, my druid, is happy. And warlocks… I like the empowered demons but I seriously know nothing about warlocks themselves. If I play a caster, it usually has the ability to choose to heal. So I just asked my brother for help when it comes down to it. “Hey, AJ, how does this work?””*grunt* Like this.””Oh, okay, I get it now.”

So yeah, be jealous of my amazingness. Not really, I can think of more amazing people. (Like the ones that put up with me. This is for you, Fuzzy.)

Also, random WoW fact: In the barber shop in Stormwind, the room above it has two gnome skeletons in it. Why is this important? The previous barber was a goblin and the new one is a gnome. Someone must’ve found out about the goblin’s late night activities…


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