The Pith of the Statement

In a world forever moving through and past technology at a pace that leaves some of gasping, there’s one thing that stays the same: Communication. Be it between business partners, friends, lovers, or family, we still communicate. Over the years, the ways we communicate has evolved: cave paintings, mail, telephones, email, video chat and always, speech. Some of us still participate in most of these; I myself prefer mailing letters to certain friends and to others I email what I want to say. When we can, we talk on the phone or make a time to chat on skype.

With this blog, I hope to communicate on a larger scale through my posts and the subjects of my posts. Majority of pop culture, such as movies, books, and music, as well as world issues we see every day. Maybe weird things, too, like the idea of catching herpes through a public bathroom. Whatever is on my mind at the moment, for there’s lots in this noggin of mine that wants to escape.

That said, random fact number one: Noggin not only means head, but is also a small cup or mug, as well as a small amount of alcohol, usually a ‘gill’.


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